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David Coffaro great bargain wines March 5, 2009

Posted by cnchapman in Blogroll, Wine.

I haven’t written about wine yet on this blog, but it’s a big hobby of mine — both enjoying and also growing my own grapes for winemaking. One of my favorite wineries is a small, little-known winery in Sonoma County: David Coffaro winery. They make fabulous wines for people who love tasty, fruit-forward, big red wines. On top of that, Coffaro is a critic of high-priced wines. He prices his to make a “fair” return, no more. While many Dry Creek Valley Zinfandels are $40 or more, for instance, his are $28, or under $20 if purchased on futures.

In his New California Wine, Matt Kramer of Wine Spectator wrote that Coffaro “never makes a bad wine … I have friends who routinely order six or eight cases … they’re all lovely: intense, free of intrusive oakiness, and purely made.”

If you’re visiting Sonoma, they do a great tasting including both released wines and often a barrel tasting. If not, check out the online ordering and give them a chance. I recommend to pick 4 different blends or Zins, a great investment of about $100. My personal favorites are the Zinfandels, Block 4 field blend, and Escuro, a dark, rich, blend. David Coffaro Winery home page. Cheers! (And no, I have no connection to them, am just a fan, and tired of too much overpriced wine!)



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